How to find and secure empowering moments amidst the mess – A Trauma-Informed Approach

For those navigating the complexities of ADHD, life’s achievements often come with a double-edged sword. You may deliver a performance that earns a standing ovation, only to realize you’ve left your guitar at home. Or perhaps you ace a critical exam but miss the deadline for an otherwise straightforward assignment. Due to the psychological principle that “bad is stronger than good,” as researched by Baumeister, these setbacks often eclipse your actual accomplishments. That’s why it’s essential to catalogue your Empowering Moments actively. These are more than mere highlights; they serve as multi-sensory bookmarks of your capabilities and strengths. By consciously capturing the full emotional texture of these peak experiences, you create a repository of resilience. This becomes your reservoir for reconnecting with your inner strength, especially when facing the inevitable challenges that lie ahead.

Step 1: Create Your Safe Space

Before we dive in, let’s acknowledge one thing: it’s perfectly okay to have critical thoughts about yourself. This is your judgment-free zone. So, think back—when did you feel like an absolute rockstar, even if just for a second?

Step 2: Remember Like a Pro

Okay, ready to unearth these hidden gems? Strap in for a nostalgia trip with a purpose:

  • Feel the Feels: Recall the emotions and physical sensations of those empowering moments.
  • Fuel Your Fire: When did your natural passions light up your world?
  • Catch the Buzz: Got a memory that’s a pocket-sized pep rally? Hold onto it.
  • Spotlight on You: Remember a time you knocked something out of the park? Relish it.
  • Play Time: Was there a moment your inner child felt utterly free? Cherish that.
  • Be the Hero: Found a slice of time where you were your own superhero? Good, keep it.

Roadblocks? No Problem.

  • Self-Hug: If a critical thought sneaks in, counter it with a little self-love.
  • Phone a Friend: Reach out to someone who knows your awesomeness.
  • Chill Pill: When in doubt, reboot—deep breaths, meditation, or a warm bath should do the trick.

Validate Yourself, Don’t Inflate

As you dig into these moments, be authentic. Validate your experiences without generic platitudes. “I showed incredible resilience there” beats “I’m awesome” any day.

Make It Stick

  • ChatGPT Chronicles: Use me to jot down these empowering stories.
  • Voice Notes: Record these gems for an aural pick-me-up.
  • Digital Keepsake: Maintain a Word doc as a forever reminder.
  • Doodle It: A quick sketch can encapsulate a universe.
  • Calendar Alert: Mark your eureka moments on dates to revisit your innate brilliance.

By engaging in this exercise, you’re not just kicking back in the annals of your history. You’re mining for self-wisdom and fortifying your resilience for whatever comes next. Here’s to the journey of rediscovering the remarkable you.

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