International Pricing

Consider using to estimate the exchange rate and fees to see how much a coaching package would run in your local currency:

  1. Set the drop-down at the top of the page to your home country
  2. Enter the amount of the package in the To box and make sure the drop-down is set to CAD
  3. Confirm that the Convert drop-down is set to your currency
  4. Check the Our fee drop-down for the lowest option
  5. The amount listed in the Convert box is what you would pay!

Included in All Packages

Every one of our clients is automatically eligible for one free 30-minute coaching session every month…indefinitely. This means that when you finish your current package, you can still book a free 30-minute session with me every month!

This is subject to our availability and, sorry, no rollovers.

We encourage additional collaboration between our sessions! We are available via chat, email, and phone.

We maintain an ever-growing library of tools, handouts, exercises and templates to support our clients in building their self-awareness.

Pay What You Enjoy

We’re not in this for the money. Been there, done that, and learned that it’s not what lights us up. We determine our rates based on how much our experience and skill are worth. But it’s more important to us to make sure those who are willing and ready to take action have the support they need. We have adopted Tori’s coaching mentor’s philosophy to Pay What You Enjoy. If our rates are too much for you to enjoy coaching, let’s work together to establish a professional relationship that we both enjoy!

Please note that we limit the number of Pay What You Enjoy spaces in our practices and give priority to those whose current challenges interfere with their ability to earn income.

Payment Options

Bank Transfer


  • Pro – Most competitive exchange rates
  • Pro – Lowest processing fees for bank transfer (% varies by currency)
  • Pro – 10% package discount when you pay the total upfront
  • Con – Depending on your bank and comfort it can take multiple steps
  • Con – The transfer might take a few days 
Credit or Debit Card

via Stripe

  • Pro – Fast and easy
  • Pro – Competitive processing fees for credit/debit cards
  • Pro – Autopay available for monthly payments
  • Con – less competitive exchange rates
  • Con – Processing fees higher than bank transfer (3.5%)

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