US Pricing

New Clients

three one-hour sessions per month

US $750

one month


Interested in implementing lasting change but aren’t ready or able to commit to a longer-term package? Pick me!

US $2,025

three months

Achievement Unlocked

Have a specific objective in mind? We’ll steamroll towards your objective and catch what we can along the way.

US $3,600

six months

Level Up

You’re ready for transformational change! We’ll work on your objectives, grow self-awareness, and level up!

Ongoing Support

one or two one-hour sessions per month

US $750

three months

Cruise Control

You’ve got this! And you love to check in once a month to celebrate your journey!

US $1,425

three months


You’ve got the hang of coaching and want to keep your momentum with two sessions per month

Included in All Packages

Every one of our clients is automatically eligible for one free 30-minute coaching session every month…indefinitely. This means that when you finish your current package, you can still book a free 30-minute session with me every month!

This is subject to our availability and, sorry, no rollovers.

We encourage additional collaboration between our sessions! We are available via chat, email, and phone.

We maintain an ever-growing library of tools, handouts, exercises and templates to support our clients in building their self-awareness.

Payment Options

ACH Transfer

via Helcim

  • Pro – Lowest processing fees (0.5% + 25¢)
  • Pro – 10% package discount when you pay the total upfront*
  • Con – Cash transfer 
Credit or Debit Card

via Helcim

  • Pro – Autopay available for monthly payments
  • Con – Higher processing fees (variable interchange rate + 0.5% + 25¢)†

*  We will provide full refunds (less processing fees) to clients who elect to cancel their package at least 24 hours prior to their first session
† The variable interchange rate depends on your specific card so these estimates include only the Helcim processing fee (0.5% + 25¢). These amounts are accurate for ACH payments.

Pay What You Enjoy

We’re not in this for the money. Been there, done that, and learned that it’s not what lights us up. We determine our rates based on how much our experience and skill are worth. But it’s more important to us to make sure those who are willing and ready to take action have the support they need. We have adopted Tori’s coaching mentor’s philosophy to Pay What You Enjoy. If our rates are too much for you to enjoy coaching, let’s work together to establish a professional relationship that we both enjoy!

Please note that we limit the number of Pay What You Enjoy spaces in our practices and give priority to those whose current challenges interfere with their ability to earn income.

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