Testimonials for Liv

Cindy C., Science Educator

Liv has been instrumental in helping me recognize and understand the values that drive my actions (and reactions). The insight I have gained through her coaching has enabled me to manage my life with greater self-awareness and compassion. I am more purposeful in my thinking; I let go of the things that don’t matter and hang on to those that do.

IT Director

China & ASEAN

Working with Liv has been a transformative experience. Her unique approach, incorporating 'little pieces of neuroscientific expertise,' has made a significant impact on my understanding of myself. It's as if Liv has found the 'on switch' for how my brain works. Before, I felt like I was operating at a lower capacity, but now, under her guidance, I feel a profound shift — like going from gear 1 to a higher speed. The knowledge and insights Liv brings to each session aren't just informative; they're truly activating, changing the way I think and feel in the most positive ways.

Lee Burgess, Senior Director of Operations


Our coaching sessions have been instrumental in expanding the possibilities of what I thought life could be.  For years, I felt I needed to focus on my career and often let my personal goals and family time sit on the back burner.  With Liv’s help, I have learned to better balance work and life.  Liv’s ability to create a judge-free space where I feel I am actually heard, along with her keen insight, has helped me to gain new perspective on my mental blocks and to find ways to a more fulfilling life. Anyone who is interested in making progress on obstacles or challenges would benefit from Liv's ability to identify strengths, to build on those strengths, and learn to utilize those strengths in order to help to find a path forward.  

Thank you, Liv!

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