Testimonials for Tori

P. H., Software Engineer

Fortune 500 technology company

From our initial consultation, Tori asked tough questions that required me to challenge many of my own preconceptions, but she asked them with a kindness and patience that made me want to engage and dig deeper. I knew right away that I wanted more of her tough questions. After several years of spinning my wheels with a vaguely-defined goal of “being more productive”, Tori helped me make practical and achievable changes to my routine that have made a big difference. I feel much more on top of things, and what I learned in our coaching sessions has made me better able to relate to my teenage son’s struggles with his ADHD. Thank you, Tori!

L.M., Writer and Editor

As a coach, Tori provided an incredibly warm, safe, and affirming space for this late-diagnosed ADHDer. While working with her, I was able to make the life changes I've been needing for years, and I have the tools to continue this journey on my own.

Dhruv Balhara, MBA

Ontario, Canada

I signed up for coaching with Tori when I found myself getting stuck in a loop, facing similar career & life challenges that I had been for the last six years. I had no prior experience with coaching before this. For me, three things have stood out the most about Tori as a coach.

First is her ability to bring the underlying problem to the surface and reframe it. Her questions nudged me to self-reflect in directions I hadn't gone before and come out with profound insights in every single session. Other times, a seemingly unsolvable problem got instantly resolved when she reframed it.

Second is the action/goal-oriented process she uses to conduct the sessions. I walked away from every session with a sense of achievement and eagerness to turn the newfound insights into concrete actions.

Third, her comprehensive understanding of ADHD, how it impacts interactions & work style. After learning more, I was blown away by the things that I could explain about myself. It helped me tremendously in managing my focus & energy better. The most important takeaway that I have got was the belief - that I am capable enough to fix my problems, I just needed the right tools.I wholeheartedly recommend her as a life & ADHD coach.


Ontario, Canada

Working with Tori was just what I needed. She is warm and gentle. but also knows how to help you cut through the crap (fog), so you are not going around in circles. Her method, with sheet sessions to fill in, does help with remembering key breakthroughs. She helped me manage challenges: figuring things out, making creative leaps and connecting dots. The "Aha!" moments were my fave.

J.L., Product Manager

Having Tori as a coach is like being in a partnership and work together to become who I want to be.

Our session started out by figuring out who I want to be and where I want to grow. Then we use it as a guide post to work towards in future sessions. In the sessions she carefully listens and checks to make sure we are working towards a result and outcome. It's very helpful to have Tori to provide feedback , guidance and brainstorm ways to achieve my goal.

Marisa D.

Ontario, Canada

Tori, you have made the biggest change in my life of everyone I have ever worked with as a coach. I was just telling my partner this the other day.

It’s because you really get me, my ADD issues and how to solve them. Your best advice to me has been very specific and practical, like starting a bullet journal to keep me focused, and I learned to keep that process simple. That has been a life changer. I also feel better about myself in the ways that I operate. ADD is not a bad thing needing to be removed. I appreciate my differentness now.

Additionally, I find that I make shifts really fast because of the questions you ask. Your presence and the beautiful pauses you take, also really help me shift.

Thank you so much! I look forward to our next sessions!

Leah H., PhD Education

It would be hard to find someone more dedicated to helping you help yourself than Tori. Tori is rigorous, results-oriented and compassionately curious. She quickly gets to know the real you, helps you to refine goals so that they are more intrinsically meaningful, easily measurable, and concrete.

She helps you to align your actions with your values and your own ideas of thriving and fulfillment. From the first point of contact, to the ongoing support outside of coaching sessions, to the concrete measurable criteria that you collaborative set during each session, and her use of numerous communication and technology tools, Tori has got your back!

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